Chris Pratt is Marvel’s best Chris, here’s why!

So for the past six years Marvel entertainment has had many women in a bit of a tizzy because they keep playing a cruel joke of casting men named Chris in to the major hero roles… ok to up until now there has only been two, Hemsworth and Evans… please observe below

 these guys are great. They seem humble in interviews and I’m sure they are great guys. I have been a devote follower of Hemsworth since the beginning (obviously, he IS Thor) But NOW, they’ve gone and done it again and  this one for me is a game changer.

If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy or you’re not familiar with the other work Mr. Pratt has put out, you should probably take care of that soon. Now I’ll be honest I did not truly discover this big lug until his role as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation but he really came on the scene in 2002 on the tv show Everwood and has starred in minor movie roles since then. I can go on and on about his filmography and the funny roles he’s played, but lets be honest, this guy is about the blow up like a can of Coke in a hot Volkswagen! Not only did he get himself into phenominal shape to join the Marvel Muscles army (which is greatly appreciate, don’t get me wrong), he seems to choose and play his parts true to his own personality. Typically portraying wisecracking, bumbling adorable goofballs he really steps up to the plate as a man of action in Guardians.  If Chris Pratt is half as amazing in real life as he in interviews and the roles he plays than he deserves all this attention:

Example A.

Example B:

But by far, the reason Pratt is my favorite is his humility, humor, honesty and the fact he stole his costume, just in case “the movie did well” so that he could go visit sick kids in the hospital. Now, I do not fault any other actor for not doing these things or being like this guy but it certainly is a breath of fresh air to see someone who was often overlooked finally get the recognition they deserve!

Keep on rockin’ Mr. Pratt we of Lost in Asgard solute you!













Love, rockets and corgi cuddles


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