A Nerdy Girl Going to a Fancy Conference, Blogher’14

I am about to throw myself in to whirlwind of crazy. This afternoon I am going to San Jose for the Blogher ’14 conference. You can put me in an arena with thousands of fellow nerds dressed up as Link, scruffy nerf herders and storm troopers and I thrive, but tell me I’ll be surrounded by mommy-bloggers and fashionistas and I break out in a flop sweat. So I’ve done my research, the main thing for this conference is to represent my “brand,” since we’re young here at Lost in Asgard I will be hitting the ground running with the force of a thousand foton torpedos!

First the clothes:

Moving left to right:
– My AMAZING stella and dot getaway bag. I love this thing, packs so much and its super cute!
-The dressed and such: Since I am “traveling” with a fashion blogger and there are nights we will be hitting the town it was important for me to pack some “lady clothes” as my fiance would call me.
-To balance it out I threw some pocket games in there as well we have Wizard of Oz Fluxx and Lumberjacks and Pancakes ( a lesser known game) just in case.
– A nice cream colored sweat cover-up
– My fancy sandals
– The Graphic T’s: Now we’re getting to the meat of my branding! These are the trusty friends of all conference attending geeks. These shirts represent things in the universe you care about and essentially make you a walking nerd billboard.
– Cosmetics, toiletries and jewels: Just because I am a nerd doesn’t mean I am not clean!
– My most favorite pair of shoes in the whole world!These rocket dogs have gotten me through more than one conference and trade show and I firmly believe that a good bumper sneaker is the official footwear of my clan.
– Jammies: because when you share a room you can’t sleep naked!
– Jeans: If I’m going to be sitting and listening to people talk all day I will be comfortable.
– My trusty hoodie: Yes I live in a valley, yes the daily temp is around 86 BUT this conference center is known to be a bit chilly so I want to be prepared!
-Obviously there are socks and delicates packed in the bag… or are there?! (trust me, you don’t need to see them)

Next the Image:

– Business cards and Stickers: to hand out for networking
– Phone charger
– Glasses
– Thor water bottle: because Odin’s son wouldn’t want me to be thirsty!
– Branded computer charger
– Lotion: because no one wants to shake a dry hand!
– Wallet and tiny pill box for daily meds
– Guardians of the Galaxy notebook: to take notes and practice my Mrs Peter Jason Quill signature 😉
– Compact: because I am a girl and there will be a lot of selfies taken
– Small bag of essentials: tylenol, antacids, bandaids ect.
– THE BAG: This trusty messenger bag has gotten me through a few conferences, all the patches are places I have been all the buttons are things I love!
– Pens and headphones
– A notebook specifically for contact info
** I also have a nexus 10 tablet but I am waiting for it to arrive via fedex from Minnesota

Finally the Swag!

For every business card I hand out I have some mints and a Marvel heros pen. If you have read this all the way through if you see me and mention this post I have special nerdy things for you!

I’ve SUPER excited to be a part of Blogher ’14 and I can’t wait to report all I have found!!

Hope to see you there!

love, rockets and corgi cuddles


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