Two Roads…

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could…
It’s a familiar poem that anyone who took a lit class in college at least browsed when they got to a poetry assignment but at this point in my life it seems to mean something a little more to me than at other times that I have read through it. I have had many friends in my life make come to this point where they decide they need to make a change or live their lives differently. I have always been supportive. A handful of times I have not made than journey with them because I didn’t agree with their choices. Currently I am the one making my own journey of personal development and making “spiritual” choices. I have been to church a handful of time and have decided that it is still not the option for me. I still find Christianity to be too harsh, forceful and judgmental to those who are not 100% on board despite the fact they boast an environment of welcome and acceptance.
I have chosen my own route of reading self-help books from all religions, perspectives, and mantras and I can tell you it has given me quite the change of view.
We all struggle with determining “who we are” and “who we should be” some of us are lucky to figure it out when we are young, some fight their entire life to find peace. I am by no means where I think I should be but the fact that I feel happy for the first time in roughly 15 years, I think, says I am doing something right. I haven’t done anything exceptional other than decide I did not WANT to be happy, but that it was a NEED for me to be happy.
One of the most important things I feel I have taken away from my journey is that only you can decide what matters, when it matters and how you react to it. Normally I tell everyone what they have done to bother my and how their opinion should change. That has become much less important to me. Everyone is entitled to their priorities and opinions, I just do not have to be a part of them.
I am simply becoming the person I deserve to be for myself and if others want to stay for the ride that’s great if they choose to travel a different path well, then its been nice to know you and hopefully we see each other again!

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