Can We All Just Get Along…

**Warning this will be the most political post I ever make and to be honest its not that political, its just be asking some questions about things I wish didn’t have to happen**

Don’t let this title confuse you, I am not asking you to give up your moral code and start supporting causes or rather anti-causes you don’t believe in or start burning the American flag. All I am asking is that we be “good” to one another. The other night while I was out with friends the night was brought to a halt by a barrage of text messages being sent to a friend about a shooting on the University of Washington campus where she attends grad school and also where she and her fiance currently live. The shooting occurred as someone tried enter a speaking engagement hosted by controversial British loud mouth journalist Milo Yiannopoulos.

While the shooter claims he shot in self-defense, why was there even a need to shoot? Why was he needing to physically defend himself? Why are we as humans putting others in the way of physical harm to “get our point across” to them?   When did talking no longer become an option…

In addition to this shooting there were a number of protests on the day of the inauguration that ended in vandalism and violence. While some believe that this is the only way for them to get the attention of the media or make an impact I disagree. How is damaging property productive? You can argue that a particular business may be supporting something you don’t believe in but that odds that that particular business owns the space you are damaging is slim to none and you’re really just costing a property owner some obscene amount of money to repair it. Along this same line I do not believe that protests have any business closing down major highways, this disallows emergency services to reach those in need not to mention parents from reaching their families and the general safety factor, your tying up endless resources and putting yourself and all those involved in the protest in danger.

All this being said the Women’s march that took place on January 21st were a great example of everyone coming together for a common cause. While some women claim that they don’t need to march or they don’t need to support these other women to be equal or strong, I do, because if you’re not supporting your fellow women you’re not supporting yourself.

We’re about to enter a new era in the United States, it is going to be an interesting, possibly tumultuous time, only the next few weeks will tell. The tides are changing. This will most likely be the only time you will hear me mention anything about peoples political views, attitudes behaviors or anything of this matter. I just find it concerning and more than ever I wish we could focus on whats important which is giving people what they need and thats kindness.

We need to be aware of how others feel about what is happening and how others are responding to if we agree or not.

So just be good to each other, try your best.

Thank you for reading


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