Good Lord I’m Bad at Blogging!

Holy mother of God has it really been over a year since I wrote a flipping blog post?! What a terrible person I am! Shame on me!


Well as lot has happened, I had 2 more miserable ankle surgeries, gained a bunch of weight, lost of a bunch of weight, drank a lot of wine. I went to a few Seahawks games #Go12’s… found an odd new appreciation for MLS, that’s major league soccer for those of you in middle America who aren’t forced to watch it by your weird computer scientist husbands. We bought a house, I’ve spent the better part of a year trying to decorate it and make it our own. We went to London again and I had the GREATEST trip ever because I turned it in to an all Harry Potter vacation and most importantly I did it with my husband. Last but not least we’ve made a lot of new and great friends, I said goodbye to some old ones who were weighing me down and learned a lot of lessons along the way.

Over the year that I have neglected this poor little bloggy blog I have decided to shift gears slightly and rather than primarily focusing on the geek world I’m going to make this more of a personal “this is how I f*cked up” learn from me blog. With some makeup tutorials, recipes and just random fun things along the way, a lifestyle blog if you will. Obviously geek culture is a HUGE part of my life so it will stay SUPER relevant and present here on the page but there will be a lot more content because well I’ll have a lot more to say about what’s happening in my own world.

So bear with me as I reformat somethings and stay tuned for all the weird stories, updates and cool shit I’m about to post!

Love and Rockets




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