Is There Such a Thing As Too Many Conventions?

After coming off the overwhelming high of DragonCon two weeks later I attended Rose City Comic Con in Portland Oregon. While the convention was a-typical with vendors and panels, lots of cosplay and an overall family environment, I found myself a bit miserable. The panels were sub-par compared to the celebrity filled ballrooms of Atlanta and the feel of a convention center was just not hitting the mark. Granted this was only year four for rose city so there is always room for improvement. But the lack luster taste in my mouth led me to question, is there such a thing as attending too many conventions? I have attended many con’s in the past but never felt this way. Was Rose City just too close to Dragon Con? Am I getting too old for these events? I am hoping that by attending Geek Girl Con in two weeks I will find my answer. Smaller cons have their virtue and value but the bigger cons are so flashy that they set expectations too high. I’m hoping enough time has passed and that I can still be dazzled by a smaller con!

Just a random thought for a Wednesday,


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