Dragon*Con 2015, too many cosplays, not enough booze!

*** Disclaimer: this post was created on 9/9/15, however due to issues with my wordpress and host server I was unable to get it posted until now***

Helllooooo my little Asgardian hopefuls! I hope this time of hiatus has treated you well and I am glad to be back in the full swing of Con season! I just returned from the gloriousness of Dragon*con, in Atlanta Georgia, if you are not familiar click here  to learn all about the history of the con! Long story short this four day whirl wind convention takes place in five of Downtown Atlanta’s major hotels, the streets are filled with cosplayer and gamer’s alike there is a shortage of Red Bull, Doritos and sewing kits but it is truly an experience that everyone convention goer should have at least once.

This year I bit off a little more than I could chew when I decided I would attempt four separate costumes, I achieved 3/4 of my goal but by the last day my feets were killing me and I wasn’t in the mood to have my picture taken. My first costume was a new but awesome character, Sadness form Inside out… a sweater in Atlanta in September is not ideal, I had a fan in my shirt the whole day and I felt like Tobias Funke getting everything Blue… but it was great!

My second costume of the day was a part of a group, with seven people in tow we recreated The Endless from Sandman… I was Delerium, we had a great night, took a lot of pictures, drank many voodoo buckets, which as far as we could tell are nothing but got rot in a $7 bucket, we all paid the price for that indiscretion


The next day was the big one, the cosplay project I had worked on for about three months prior, I was going to transform myself in to the witch to end all witches, my personal favorite Ursula!

face painting was the most difficult part… i needed a break!
I refused to smile and it made for a better show!


My favorite prop, my poor unfortunate soul!

Dragon*con 2015 was a hit, I met some of my hero’s and inspirations in regards to makeup and special effects, they told me to pursue my dreams and take the jump and that was the vote of confidence I needed… to bear with me, we’re working on tutorials, and posts related to effects and cosplay!!

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