Intro to our chaos!

Good day my minions! I would like to welcome you to this blog, many of your are aware of the circumstances of its conception but for those of you who are not let me enlighten you.

This is Watson:

He is a 5 month old, genius, well behaved (for the most part) Pembroke Welsh Corgi from RJ’s Corgi’s in Zumbrota Minnesota. The picture above is from when he graduated puppy class (like I said genius!!) anyway he is my true lil buddy, my companion on these adventures I will describe in this blog, since he is the one that forces me to go outside and to the dog park.

This is Me: (not my daily look but I love the pic)

My name is Molly, I’m 29 and I just moved from Minneapolis to Sunnyvale CA to follow my fiancee’s dream to work at The Google. OK so here’s some details…
Watson and I attend Shoreline dog park in Mountain View, right near the Google campus mostly because if I didn’t let him run for at least an hour he would ruin my life!! Anyways we have had a number of run-ins with folks who consider themselves “high educated” in the ways of the corgi. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I am open for advice on my pup, he is by no means perfect and neither are my methods of taming... I mean training him. However threatening me that my behavior will “KILL” my dog or telling me my lack of expertise will raise a deviant dog is a biiiiit out of line. I end this entry of the example we have from today:
At approximately 11:45 Watson and I park the car and waddle or rather “swagger” down the ramp to the Large Dog section of the park {If you don’t know about corgis, let me explain, corgis are basically German Shepards in a short and stout body they fear nothing, they expect everything, Watson is no exception} Upon entering the double gated area I asked him to sit so I could unhook his leash, he abided. 
I them proceeded towards the gate, I asked him to sit again, as ALL the other dogs (about 9) rushed over to the gate his lil body was overcome with excitement and he went into the “MOM, I’m trying to listen but I’m so dang excited” dance that looks similar to push ups. So I just let him in…
I walk over to the crowd of people for menial and short conversation and I am met by a rather, for lack of a better term, hulking woman. (from this point referred to as H) who is wearing a shirt that says “dog trainer” She starts off nicely:
“Oh is that a corgi?”
Me- “Yup sure is, he’s 5 months old and loooooves to herd him some other dogs!”
H- “He’s very cute, good thing he’s still young so you can change your habits with him…”
With a look of utter indifference I take the bait:
“Well, he is still in training but what do you mean?”
H- “you’re obviously at the wrong trainer” <OBVIOUSLY, eyerolls> “At 5 months he should be know when he is allowed to release his excitement, you need to sternly tell him to sit and stay at the gate, the dog park should be a reward.”
At this point I say “oh, thank you” and walk away to keep W from digging to China. In my opinion the dog park is a reward, a reward for me. It allows me to leave him at home for a few hours in the afternoon and not feel terribly guilty about it. 
I thought it was over after that but no… About 25 minutes later I am chatting with a fellow puppy owner when I hear H yell “NO, SIT, NO!” and turn to see her reprimanding my dog for begging for a treat from another DP offender who ALWAYS brings treats and gives them to every dog. In my head I was RAAAAGGGIIIIING!!, ain’t no body yelling at my dog but me, and we do NOT yell at him, I do not want a fearful dog. I put on my Minnesota nice face walk over and say “Hey, we don’t yell at him, I don’t want him to be scared of people.”
H- (turning to the rest of the people) “And this is why single 20-something women shouldn’t own puppies..”

OH, NO SHE DID NOT……. I wanted to tackle her like Jared Allen on Aaron Rodgers, but I didn’t I pursed my lips, called my “ill- behaved” corgi who proceeded to trot behind me, passing about 8 other dogs hooked him to his leash and went home.

And that was my Thursday!!

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