Where I’ve been and Where I’m going!

Today on the blog not only marks the beginning of my “31 posts of July” campaign but also an apology and explanation of where the Heck I was until June 12th. A lot has changed for this wanna be demi-god in the last 4 months. First I had a god awful ankle stabilization surgery and I’ll be honest it SUUUUUCKED. 

So I spent some time moping around because of that but then something AMAZING happened, after we attended Emerald City Comicon my husband made the greatest most generous move in the history of marriages. He put in for a transfer to Seattle! It is no secret I did not like living in the Bay Area, the cost of living was too high, I do not care about fitness enough to fit in there, AND I couldn’t find a job. So in mid- May we packed up all our junk, our dogs and drove up to what I consider the real City by the Bay (Yes I understand it is a “sound” or whatever but c’mon I want Journey songs to apply to my life… so back off!!!) So I am here, it took three weeks but I have dug out of most of the boxes, put together more Ikea furniture than an adult should and best of all… I HAVE A JOB!!!! I started a job two weeks ago with Trupanion Insurance (medical insurance for your dog or cat) I am still in the middle of a hectic training schedule but it takes so much pressure off! The people are great, the company is blowing up, its something I am passionate about and its only .6 miles from my new kick ass apartment!! I could go on and on about all the great things happening right now but then I would run out of things to write about this month!

I accepted the challenge to post once a day for the entire month of July… the calendar is written… so lets do this!!

Thanks for joining me!


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