Review: Jurassic World is Well Worth the 22 Year Wait!

Anytime it takes twenty years to make an addition to a series of movies that, lets be honest, did not end in the same fashion it started the public is bound to be skeptical. I was always intrigued by the prospect of a new Jurassic film, then newly dubbed “it” man Chris Pratt signed on I found myself slightly more interested (Disclaimer: Been a Pratt fan since Everwood so no band wagon accusations!). As a child I was obsessed with Jurassic Park, I wanted a pet triceratops and I wanted John Hammond to be my grandpa. I ended up with a corgi and a cool dude named Jerry, but I digress. Despite the buzz both positive and negative I schlepped myself to the theatre for a Thursday showing of Colin Trevorrow’s 2015 Summer epic and ladies and gentlemen I was not disappointed.

JW is a perfect addition to the existing trilogy. We start out with an update of a world where dinosaurs are non-extinct, the magic and wonder is gone, Isla Nublar has become a 20,000 person a day travel destination. Marketing mogul and corporate lackey Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) along with InGen are struggling to keep the public interested. Set on the same Island and Hammonds original monster menagerie the Dino’s take center stage in an number of attractions including a saddled baby triceratops ride and aquatics show with the gigantic alligator looking Mosasaur. While the theme park is amazing it is the behind the scenes action that take center stage. Off the grid, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) presumed Naval veteran bad boy has been working with a team of four raptors developing a bond in hopes of understanding what makes them tick. This research has InGen’s head of special security Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio ) in a frothy mess anticipating the possibilities for military uses.

While Claire has been working with the research and genetics team still spear headed by Dr Henry Wu to develop the latest carnivorous attraction the Indominous Rex who takes the famous quote “Clever Girl” to a whole new level! Along with Owen and Claire we’re suppose to care and worry about Claire’s two nephews Zach and Gray (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson), two teen somethings from Wisconsin struggling with the impending divorce of their parents. Those are two characters I wish were further developed. Hand down my favorite character (other than Owen of course) is Lowery, the control room operator and contact to Claire played by Jake Johnson who seems to be the new, good guy version of Dennis Nedry!

The boys get lost, Claire screams, Owen shoots and smolders. Dinosaurs roar, people die, things explode and the island turns into a public relations nightmare. The acting is shallow and grazes the surface of human emotion but lets be honest that is not while we are there! The action is amazing and definitely takes a beloved universe to a new level, the plot twists are great. That being said this story caters to those who loved the original, which means it is not 100% kid friendly they upped the graphic content to more than just a goat leg dropping on a jeep so think twice before bringing the munchkins unless you’re up for so late night comfort sessions.

I left Jurassic World on cloud nine and ready to get a masters in Paleontology or HELL genetics! I give JW 4/5 Corgi butts, it was worth the wait and lived up to my expectations!! Go out, grab a beer and enjoy the dino-riffic fun!

4 corgi butts

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