And it begins!

Hi! I’m Molly! Welcome to my blog and essentially the inner-workings of a semi-demented mind! (I don’t always look like that, I was wearing a costume and I just really like the pic!)

I grew up in Minneapolis, I’ve done some traveling, meddling in others affairs and overall stuff. But, about 5 months ago I was ripped from my homeland and forced to relocate to the greater Bay Area also known as the suburbs of San Francisco by THIS MAN! Who I happen to be marrying in about a year… IRRELEVANT!

So in May of 2013 he was offered a job at a small company in Silicon Valley called, Google, you may have heard of it, they basically run the world! So we packed up our lil saab 95 (which is on the verge of death I might add) and we trekked across the country, 74 rounds of the alphabet game later we arrived in Sunnyvale CA, slept on the floor of our 800 sq ft mansion and awaited the arrival of our belongings.
After the stuff was haphazardly thrown in to random rooms we packed our suitcases and headed back to Minneapolis not only for a GREAT wedding of two dear friends but also to pick up this little guy:

His name is Watson and he’s pretty much the coolest dude ever! just for karma sake here is another more recent picture to prove my point: (he eats zombies!)

AAAAAANYYWAY so my little family and I have settled into a little goove in the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. Everyday is a learning experience about being an adult, about being in a relationship about being a pet owner. You name it I’m learning about it! And you lucky people, the devoted cyber community will be the ones I share my deepest and inner most thoughts and feelings with. So Stay tuned there will be posts almost daily!

Fist bumps and high fives!

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