Why HBO is so important and why I need it!

As I am sure a few of you know this week April 6th-12th is Xfinity Watchathon week…. it’s ruining my life. I feel like I am seven years old and repeatedly asking for a puppy. I am begging my husband to subscribe to HBO. Why you may ask? Because I can simply not handle the amount of commitment that is required to binge watch HBO shows! This isn’t a new concept HBO has been ruining people’s lives for years dating as far back as when George RR Martin started that damn book series.

Between Ned Stark getting chopped, the bullshit ending of the Sopranos and True Blood and what I assume will an equally disappointing ending to Boardwalk Empire these  shoes and ravaging my emotionally. However, for the good of society, NAY the good of the universe I will power on. However, I think it would be so much easier if I had access to all these shows all the times. Then again every time I bring it up Mathew squashes my whining by simply saying “If you give a mouse a cookie”…

The point is I deserve HBO, all of my fave shows are on there and it’s too much to ask someone to jam it all into one week.


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