A start-up of sorts….

So its no surprise to anyone that I am borderline obsessed with my dog and to be fair all dogs. So I have decided to collaboate with the neighbor gal Hillary whom I am surprised I have not referenced yet because she is prit-tee awesome. Anyways, both of use were “asked*” to move out here by our significant others and therefore we left out illustrious careers in our fields of study. Hil had a sweet gig at 3M working in their food sciences department. So, here we sit in silicon valley with very little to do to occupy our time other than care of our dogs… WAIT FOR IT…. we could make that a career!!

So, I have been spending the last couple of days feverishly developing a network on every channel possible. Fliers on the street, care.com, craigslist everywhere we can get ourselves out there we are trying to build out a network of contacts and clients to be a dog walking juggernaut. Here’s the site I built on Yola… still has a lot to be done! it’s always changing… (mostly because I have no idea what im doing!)
Anyway other than that there isn’t much going on. I did a podcast with Beth the other day. We talked about all things Thor, check it out if you wanna laugh your loki horns off an enjoy the witty banter of these two characters!
That’s all for now, there is no more, see you on the other side!
Love, Rockets and Corgi Cuddles!

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