Scootin’ through Emerald City Comic Con

Quick little catch up, at my wedding, which was great, I fell and broke my ankle, long story short I ended up needing major surgery to fix it. So I am still recovering and was required to brave the trenches at Emerald City Comic Con on a knee scooter, and yes it was everything I imagined, it was terrible…… Only kidding! We had a great time, I am now a dedicated ECCC attendee!

Don’t get me wrong the staff a.k.a Minions at ECCC were great, super helpful and accommodating. Overall this was the best convention I’ve been to! We attended a lot of the smaller subject panels including an excellent collaboration about how to get a job in the Comic industry put on my the folks at Comixology, Fantagraphics, Boom  and Marvel. The Main Hall panels were amazing! We saw Alex Kingston (Dr. Who, ER, Arrow) Marina Sirtis (Star Trek TGN), Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, Venture Brothers, Family and about 90 other things), John Barrowman (Dr. Who, Torchwood, Arrow), and the lady I was most excited to see Agent Carter herself Hayley Atwell! There were too many laughs and heart felt moments to go into great detail but here is the slideshow of our journey!

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I know these aren’t the greatest pictures, but c’mon give me a break I was on a scooter! This show was great and I will be back. It has also inspired me to step up my game! I signed up for Comic Bento so be expecting reviews of Comics!! I am also starting a weekly review of artists who I meet while attending these crazy conventions! I leave you today with the two part Emerald City Comicon Cosplay roundup by @Beatdownboogie

Enjoy and until next time!!

Love rockets and corgi cuddle!!

2 comments on “Scootin’ through Emerald City Comic Con

  1. Whoa, Sister…so glad you weren’t in facepaint/convention drag! Besides, it could’ve posed a major hazard on your scooter (I’ll let you imagine the headlines. Just think of gears, friction, fabric, smoke, etc.)…

    Life is looking good in the Emerald City, then??


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