Come on PEOPLE….

Just a quick stop off here to vent about the new issue of People Magazine. I am not an avid subscriber mostly because I don’t care what crimes against fashion beyonce committed or that Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair (I do love me some JLAW though, don’t get me wrong.) but every year I do pick up the Sexiest Man Alive issue because I enjoy it, its a guilty little pleasure of mine to read about Ben Affleck (WHO DID NOT MAKE THE CUT THIS YEAR!) and his tricks for keeping sexy for his wife and all the other campy lil tid bits that are featured. That being said I am GRAVELY disappointed this year. First off, explain to me how this:

Is in ANY way sexier that this:

At least the Hemsworths were featured but with Small unflattering pictures!

Or this… btw if you don’t know how Karl Urban is you should really GOOGLE THAT SHIT!
Let is not forget the Sexy old soul himself 
I mean for God sakes People Matt Smith is “sexier” that Adam Levine, and least I can look at him and not feel like I’m crawling with Hep C!!!
I guess Sexy is a relative term and we all have our own definitions, so that being said I will allow this one mix up People but next year you better stop analyzing CW shows. Feature some of the real talented men out there and stop pandering to the Tweens, this issue is for us Womensy folks and I want hot imports from the UK not John Stamos talking about how he’s hot at 50!
That is all, there is no more, 
Love, Rockets and Corgi cuddles!!
Ps here’s your Watson Fix!
PSS: I know there are Millions of attractive men out there, these are just a few of my personal favs so don’t call me on it (Beth!)

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