Bitter Rantings of an old soul..

Dear 20 and 30 something women. STOP IT! Just stop talking like you are a 13 year old, actually even 13 year olds should’t talk this way!

It was cute in, I Love You Man when Paul Rudd said “totes ma-goats” it is NOT cute when you a dignified and established woman in your upper 20’s use it in a facebook post or  use “OMG, adorbs!” to describe the new seasonal line for Ann Taylor! The following words should not be said by ANYONE who has surpassed and level of education that requires standardize testing (yes even 4th graders shouldn’t talk this way!)

– Obvi
– Adorbs
– LOL…. this one is particularly aggravating because its not even a work its an acronym…

UGH  there are so many more and I am so annoyed with the last 15 minutes that I have spent on Facebook and watching TV that I can’t even continue.  Just please take three extra seconds from your day to type out the whole word!

Do yourself a favor ladies, if you want to claim to support feminist ideals and be a strong independent woman than act like one!! I know, this is coming from Molly, I swear like a british dock yard worker and I don’t always have the most fair or non biased opinions, but this one just irks me to no end.

Come on ladies!! DO BETTER!!!

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