Comic Con, The Good, The Bad and the WTF?

To clarify I did not attend comic con, I wish I had but alas I have bigger things to pay for (like a wedding). That being said, I was GLUED to social media this weekend to keep up on the latest and greatest. There were ten million amazing things that happened here are a few of my favorites!!

5) The giveaways!

I love following the tweets and posts about what is being given away or only available to attendees on a certain day. Two of my favorites this year both came from the same place.  Funko designs released two of the most buzzworthy items on preview night. The Hannibal pop dolls and the Rocket Raccoon plushy from the Fabrikations line were blowing up Twitter and Instagram when people got their hands on them!



I just wanna squish his widdle face!














4) The TV updates and promises!

From the release of a killer Walking Dead preview to a farewell panel with the cast of True Blood the coverage of the TV format got excellent coverage. However the biggest news rolling down the pipes is the buzz surrounding all things superhero. New casting for season 3 of Arrow, the premiere of Gotham, Agents of Shield and of course the long anticipated and often teased The Flash and social media humming with excitement. I personally just binge watched the first two seasons of Arrow and because of the coverage Agents of Shield is my next stop!

My next endevou
Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer say farewell to comic con












3) The Cosplay!

Forget the ordinary Storm Trooper or just throwing on a Superman suit, San Diego Comic Con is the mecca of cosplay. The attendees wear the most elaborate and detailed costumes so much so that some individuals have become famous soley based off of their character costumes… I know, I follow them on Twitter 😉 From Ivy Von Doomkitty and Yaya Han to the GENIUS duo at Crab Cat Industries there is never a shortage of amazing professionally crafted costumes. But the very best part is that even the everyday tax accountant can get away with cosplaying and often become internet famous because of instagram or Tumblr. Here is an amazing demostration from the guys at Sneaky Zebra

Sneaky Zebra SDCC 2014 (Sorry I’m still leaning wordpress and I have no clue how to paste a video #newbie)



2) The unveiling of Batman Vs. Superman info!

If you’re going to keep a movie so tightly under wraps there is no place better than comicon to unveil juisy snippets of information and that is EXACTLY what Zack Snyder did. The biggest reaction caome from the unveiling of Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman!! What do you think?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman


and finally… #1) Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that Marvel did

From AntMan casting reveals to kick ass footage of Avengers Age of Ultron this media monster kept its axel greased and ready to roll out an amazing 2015. The only let down was the lack of coverage of Guardians of the Galaxy, that cast was in the UK for the movies international premiere, so I’ll forgive them. but seriously just look at this poster for Age of Ultron:

Age of Ultron


If I could buy my ticket now.. I totally would!


Now don’t get me wrong there were a million other amazing things to happen this year but rather than bore you with my opinions on the matter I will let you fly free wherever the internet will carry you! I for one will being doing everything in my power to attend 2015, but until then thank god for social media!


Love, rockets and corgi cuddles!


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