Agent Carter: The Heroine We Deserve

It is no secret that strong female characters in the comic world are few and far between, even fewer are stand-out fan favorites. I would like to be one of many to congratulate Haley Atwell for courageously stepping into to one such role and making it huge!! Haley Atwell as Agent Margaret "Peggy" Carater Peggy Carter was a minor character in the world of Captain America, but with Haley at the helm she became a memorable butt whooping force right up there with Dum Dum Dugan and the rest of Cap’s gang!

Carter is living in a post world war II New york City, continuing her work with the organization what would become S.H.I.E.L.D. Under cover of a job at the phone company Atwell does an amazing job portraying what it was like for a trail blazing independent woman in a male dominated workplace. With witty retorts for her seemingly meat-headed co-workers she secretly carries out missions, solving most cases behind the backs of the organization. While some of her undercover costumes are a but ridiculous, I have high hopes that she and Mr. Jarvis (yes, that Jarvis) will work together to clear the name of a wrongly accused Howard Stark who is on the lam for selling weapons illegally to enemy countries.  With amazing Captain America tie-ins and flash backs, we remember Carter isn’t just an action hero, she had an entire life of happiness taken away. Atwell eloquently portrays this by keeping everyone at arm’s length as to avoid the pain she feels at the loss of Steve Rogers.

There is not much to say about this show other than if you haven’t watched it, you should and if you did watch it keep on keepin’ on! I for one am super excited to see where this series goes and how it will get there! I give this 4/5 corgi butts on our rating system!

4 corgi butts

Love, Rockets and corgi cuddles!


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