We all Cheated, its ok: Holiday Keto Recovery Guide

It is bound to happen, you’re pretty much fated to cheat on your diet over the holidays, especially if you’re eating low carb. Between cookies, ginger bread house building, mashed potatoes, and the bread, wooooo all the bread the temptation is just too great. Don’t worry, if you’ve chosen low carb living you know it is forgiving and a few days if dedication you’ll be back on track!

Here is my “recover” grocery list along with the reasons why I choose these items!

  • Low carb tortillas
    • these are a staple for me 98% of the time because I love pb & J but they are especially helpful now t help get over those holiday buns and croissants
  • Cream Cheese
    • High fat, zero carb can be used for a variety of dips with veggies or in crisis can be eaten to raise your daily fat content.
  • Bacon of Breakfast sausage
    • Great way to to get your fat up early in the day
  • Bullet Proof Coffee ingredients
    • This is super crucial for me as I can only stand so much bacon, take a look at my previous post about this morning delight: http://www.lostinasgard.com/?p=30
  • Veggies, lots and lots of veggies
    • Though most veggies do cart along some net carbs they are a better snacking alternative than chips or other naughty snacks.
  • Pepperoni/ beef sticks
    • Another great alternative

There are million and one other variations you can use for a quick and dirty shopping list, this is just what i like to have one hand. Two more quick tips:

Keep alcohol to a minimum until you’re back on track

Water water water

Plan your meals (it helps for variety and for budgeting)


Good luck getting back on track and if you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me!


Love, rockets and corgi cuddles!



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