A California Dog in Minnesota

We recently took a month-long trip to Minnesota and let’s face it, dog sitting is expensive! So, we decided to bring both of our fur babies with us. Watson is a hearty 27 lb Corgi with an extra fuzzy butt, but Sherlock, our 7.4 lb terrier mix had differing opinions about our drive into the arctic.

Here is what we did to make sure our little man didn’t turn into a pupcicle or run away!

He spent lots of time following the sun around the house and laying in it as much as possible


– We uwpid-20141120_102803.jpgnderstood that accidents were going to happen, he is too small and too conditioned to California to literally weather the sub-zero temps in Minnesota and be made him wear the horrid sweater “of death!” (There was a day it was -15 and he just refused to go outside, pooped right in the kitchen)

-Gave him a big fluffy, cuddly, bed: by adding blankets to his existing pile he snuggled right in

-Never walk away: when we would get him to go outside we would stand by the door, no matter how drafty it was to make sure he was not outside one second longer than he needed to be.


– We let him have fireplace time, he would stretch out (which never happens) right in front of the gas fireplace and feel like a little king!



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