Feels good to be a gangsta….

Ok first things first here is your preview of the weekend that changed my life:

Our little cabins

The patio where amazing conversations were had

our boys enjoying nature


Our beautiful view with our evening fire

Those trees are tall!


Family photo in a redwood!

My first steps in the pacific!

Oh yea and we drove through a tree and Mathew thought it was AMAZING! My favorit part was when he said “and ya know what, I bet they have shirts…” AND THEY DID AND WE BOUGHT ONE!

Moving on from that I would like to announce that I have made another decision to better myself and those around me. I have left my job. I very much enjoyed working at the dog daycare, it was great fun and I will always cherish the memories I have from there. However, the level of stress is astronomical and it is after all a minimum wage job. If I were perhaps making more than $10 an hour I would be more apt to tolerate the risk and stress of such a job. So i packed up my stuff and went to the library today and right now Watson and I are cleaning the craft room, I am getting things set up for my other blogs and well… life moves forward.

Peas love and corgi cuddles!

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