TearJerker Tuesday is back, with a story of hope and love

I know it has been a few weeks, and I can not apologize enough. But I’m back, the blog is back and lets get rolling!

This weeks edition of tearjerker Tuesday is a story of how unconditional love and support can help those in the darkest places. Meet Gumbo:

Gumbo with owner Erik Scott

Gumbo was paired with Erik through a program called “Canines for Warriors” after Erik was diagnosed with PTSD and methods of medication and treatment were not working. Watch below as Gumbo recognizes and reacts to the minimal sense that Erick is beginning to stress.

There are many organizations like Canines for Warriors and they are located across the country. These men and women devote their time and efforts to keeping America and others safe,  and it is programs like this that help those who have given so much.


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