What we’re doing here….

So basically what I am going to do with this section of the blog is give insight to the therapeutic benefits of home crafting and DIY projects. Here are a few pictures of some of my previous projects all of which are available on the etsy store.

Asymmetrical tea light holders

Simple glass floral stones glues to thumb tacks with industrial adhesive

Vintage buttons, cut down with dremel and attached to tacks

This is one of my favorites! its where I started my little adventure, colorful button on a frame, we’ll cover how to do this one in a future post

The picture above and below are a penguin and a corgi totem, they can be used as a keychain, a charm or just a lil buddy for your desk!

I also have other magnets and frames, but this is just to get us rolling! coming up tomorrow i will show you the process of re-doin a pipe tree for Mathew!

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