So terribly neglectful!

This poor blog has sat untouched since september what a terrible Corgi bragger I am!
Watson has been through so much since our last conversation….
A) he’s HUGE!

32 lbs of fury!! I really hope he is close to being done with growing but he is still very floppy!

B) HE GOT A LITTLE BROTHER, while he isnt the purebred Westie Mathew wanted he fits the bill

Meet Sherlock 
This lil scrub-a-muffin is adorable but he hates interaction with people, which leads me to believe that somewhere in the south bay area there is someone with whom I need to have a conversation… and by conversation I mean I need to beat the crap out of them. We are slowly working on getting him more socialized and becoming a better hooman related pup. 
He loves his brother Watson and they have a great time running around and playing together. 
I am also switching up the focus of this blog to dog related activities in the bay area… so we’ll see how that goes!
stay tuned and keep your paws clean! 

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