My Lootcrate, Look What Came in My September box!

I have eagerly awaited the arrival of my September crate after the awesome hero-ness of the August box, sorry dropped the ball on posting that one, life got in the way.

When the little bundle of joy arrived I was overjoyed to be met with a collection of Galactic themed treasures (I did cut my geek teeth on Star Wars after all) Lets take a look!

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I was so excited for the Tribble, Pop Rocks and the Han Solo poster. Overall this box was great but I do think that there were some things left to be desired. There is nothing to wear other than the button and what exactly am I suppose to do with a bundle of serenity bucks? I am going to this one a rating of 3 corgi butts (out of 5) this box was not as great as the Heros box last month but I have seriously high hopes for the FEAR box coming in October.

3 corgi butts

If you’re a nerd, or you want to be one I highly recommend building your collection of nerd junk through loot crate.  It is only $20 a month! Seriously, check them out!!

Until next time



Ps: loot crate did not solicit me for a review or recommendation, I just think they are great

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