When we meet new friends…

A lot of people I have met in dog related activities believe that they are the end all be all of dog knowledge. The fact remains that about 80%+ of dog owners have little to no understanding of canine behavior. Some, luck out and get a dog that is genetically or behaviorally excellent and there is little to no work or effort that needs to be applied. Then there are those pups who had a bit of a rough start. My sherlock is one of those dogs. He was picked up by Animal Control when he was a very small pup. It is immediately apparent that he suffers from a lack of confidence and is incredibly insecure around people.

We have been researching the proper techniques to get out little man on the proper road to a happy and secure life for the past few months. However we still encounter people who INSIST on trying to pet him, even though he is clearly showing fear and is desperately trying to get away. Not to mention the fact I tell them. “please don’t, he is very shy and skiddish.” Also, many people think it is cute to have their kids interact face to face with dogs, both stranger and their own pets but the simple fact is most people are unaware of the signs when a dog is uncomfortable. It is incidents like this that land many dogs in the craigslist “rehoming” bucket.

The long and short of it is, there is a GREAT new program moving across the nation called the Yellow Dog Project this group of individuals is offering support and recognition to our fuzzy friends who can not tell people to back off for one reason or another.
The program supports individual pet owners to put a physical yellow ribbon on their dogs leash to tell people, “please be weary about approaching my dog, he has an issue that will cause him to react.”

So please the next time you encounter a new dog on the street, whether with your own pets or by yourself, ask the owner before approaching, both you and the dog(s) involved will be much happier. 
Love, Rockets and Corgi cuddles!

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