Let Us Discuss Batfleck!

In lieu of Nerdist.com  dropping continuing coverage of Batman V Superman, we here at Lost in Asgard have decided to put our un-dying Marvel allegiance to the side and start a discussion. I remember the backlash over Heath Ledger (R.I.P) being cast as the Joker and that (amazingly talented) fool won an oscar!
Now, please be warned I have been an avid Affleck fan for close to the last 15 years (“Affleck was the BOMB in Phantoms yo!”). However, even I had, still have doubts about my favorite Bostonian donning the cape and cowl. Then the first look hit the interweb.

Now, ok I understand that the muscles and ripped physic are mostly costume but wow! What a tribute to the original! The navy blue cape and grey suit are an amazing throw back to the days of Adam West and the comic. It even looks like the batmobile got a change for the better, I was so sick of that tumbler BS from the dark knight trilogy I couldn’t handle it anymore.  
There are a few more points of interest regarding Batman V Superman. While the cast for Gotham is completely different form the last install men of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy the folks of Metropolis stay the same with the addition of a new character, Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg
Then again there ate entirely new members of the Justice League who poke their heads out during this capped battle, including Wonder Woman, played by relative new comer Gal Gadot and Dathraki King turned fish whisperer Jason Mamoa as Aqua Man. While all of these casting choices have been questioned none so much as Affleck’s interpretation of the capped crusader. I fully understand that Snyder is trying to set up the Justice League movie he has already promised but I can not help that he may be biting off more scene chewing characters than one super dolby, 3D- Imax movie can handle!
I won’t say much about the casting for the film, I will bide my time and wait, just like I did with Ledger as the Joker and who knows… maybe my dream will come true and Dare Devil will be erased for Affleck’s mediocre career and he’ll finally be the Batman I’ve always wanted!
Avengers Assseemmmble.. oh wait, I mean Go Justice League?
Love, Rockets and Corgi Cuddles,

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