Why I’ve dedicated my life to Marvel

It is a worldwide battle as old as time itself…. ok so maybe just since the 50’s and pretty much just in the US, but there comes a time in each young nerdlings life where he or she must choose a route, a team to play for. The must dedicate their fandom to either Marvel or DC comics.

It’s not really a life altering decision like choosing a college or career but in the world of nerds it is a pretty epic division.
When I was a kid, every 4 months or so, my dad would drag out my grandpas old Air Force footlocker and the free for all began! It was filled to the brim with comics. Initially, when I could not be trusted to  handle the goods, I was a HUGE fan of Harvey comics like Hot Stuff, Casper and Wendy the Witch because those were comics that also had cartoons on TV!

It was around my 8th birthday that my eyes were opened to the world of REAL superheros, I was finally allowed to touch the coveted collection, those comics that could only be handled by clean, dry and non-sticky hands. I got to read my first Golden Age Comic it was an older Superman that my dad had purchased when he was an adult and that was it, I was hooked!
After that I was immediately drawn to more of the Silver age comics (occasionally going back to my Harvey’s) but for the most part I was ensnared in these universes of aliens. gods, mutants and super assassins. I liked all of them, some more than others. Now, I had seen all of the Superman movies and gone through the beginning of what would be known as the Burton and Schumacher franchise of Batman and to be honest none of them did anything for me ( I did and always will love the 1966 Batman movie, shark repellant and dehydrated dignitaries, C’mon!). Then it happened, Marvel took what had been one of my favorites and made it into a Saturday Morning cartoon.

That was it, I was toast, my mind was made up I had chosen my side and it was going to be the side of Marvel! This was such a big decision because though my dad and younger brother tolerate the Marvel universe and enjoy some of the characters but they are devoted DC fans. They love their Superman and Batman, not to mention some questionable choices regarding the Green Lantern. Regardless I wavered for a while and you would think it would have been the X-men movies ( the casting was ok.. *cough anna paquin cough*) that would have kept my hooked but no, I was off in early 20’s la la land, 
It was this man, a beloved actor of mine for years who was PERFECTLY cast as one of my least favorite Marvel heros, that turned my attention back to where it belonged. Robert Downey Jr, brought the perfect amount of charisma, sarcasm and genius to the roll of Tony Stark and I am pretty sure that is all I need to say about that.
2008 may have been the year Marvel snapped my head back to attention but it was 2011 that is stole me heart!! I’ve always been a fan of the underdog, the unappreciated and the lesser seen. I have always loved Thor! Once again Marvel hit casting on the flippin nose but this time with little known actors in Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. RAAAAAAWWWR!!
Gone was my heart and even Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale could not bring me back to the DC side. Kenneth Branagh did a perfect job os casting Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins and supporting characters in case these two newbies couldn’t hang, and lets be honest the first Thor was a bunch of gratuitous shirtless scenes and grunts. Neither of which I will complain about! am I right ladies?

But seriously, lets get down to brass tacks! Aside from those listed about there is one major reason I prefer Marvel over DC. The teams! I love the X-men, I love the Avengers, hell I even love the Fantastic Four. These groups of extraordinary individuals, who could be fine on their own, team up with others in an continuing effort to keep Earth safe. DC’s answer to these teams was to form the Justice League*… ok…. so you took all of your BEST characters (and Aguaman) cool.

I can’t really pin point it, but I just don’t buy into DC’s universe. Maybe someday my mind will be swayed but it surely will not be before Age of Ultron is released! Who are we kidding.. no it won’t!
Love, Rockets and Corgi Cuddles!
* yes DC fans I realize the Justice League exsisted before both the avengers and x-men thank you for your concern đŸ™‚

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