Wine Cork Initial

We had some open space on our wall in the kitchen. I will be getting married soon and my last initial will be an R. I had seen things like this on pinterest but I had no idea how to get started… so i winged it.

Here is what I used:

-1 exacto knife

-1 box cutter for the longer cuts

– a glue gun

– some corks to get starte

Starting materials
Starting materials

To get started I measured 24 inches from the bottom edges of the board. I then using a sharpie drew out a rough outline of the letter. I would recommend possibly printing off the size you want as I made some mistakes! When you’ve finished the outline carefully cut out the letter

DSC00570After cutting out the letter begin to glue the corks along the bottom edges. Continue to stack the corks on top of one another. Glue on the bottom end of the cork as well as on the side touching the corks below.

To mount the letter on the wall I hung two angled nails at the top of the letter and in the crook of the R

Here is the latest progress picture of our cork initial:

My up to date letter
My up to date letter

The best part of this project is the work you need to do to make progress, A.K.A the wine you get to drink!!

Good Luck and enjoy!


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