Awesome Low Carb Discovery!!

As the scientific evidence of the benefits of low carb diets continue to roll in, we the hunters and gatherers of such foods are only continuing to live the high life. With bread replacements and more and more prepackages the probability of starting and sticking the diet is much higher. Due to the demand large companies like Oscar Mayer and Hormel have started providing new and exciting snack options for us carbless individuals. While schlepping through Target the other day I stumbled upon this beauty:

While they promote being packed with protein for the work-out aficionado, these lil guys are a great way to stave off the mid-day snack cravings in the office or in my case at home. I also have a HUGE issue with going grocery and shopping hungry. I think I then need to buy all the things! Not to mention the commercial for them is great!!

There are options for everyone, ham, turkey and chicken breast. I have only had all 3 and combined with the nuts, and cheese they give you the exact boost you need to get through the day. Yes, you can make them yourself but how many times have you done that before and month later find them squished and molded at the bottom of your bag? I know I have…. Ick
I give them a 4/5 for effectiveness of staving off carb attacks, conveniency, price ($1.79 at target) and deliciousness.

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