Fast Food Friday!

Ok my anti-carb friends, if there is one diet trouble my fiance and I know about it is not wanting to cook. Whether it is too hot outside, too late in the evening or it is pea shopping time and we’re out of food, there is always a reason for us to avid cooking. We’v had to get creative and do some searching on the interweb but by searching nutritional information we’ve tracked down some options and I’m going to share one of them with you today.

This installment is a pretty obvious one. Five Guys Burgers, they offer a number of options to change up the traditional meat and bun burger.
Here is a link to there nutritional information. There are two low carb options the first is “bun-less”:

This is simply your normal order, as if you were ordering with a bun, but instead as you can see it is without lettuce as well. Mathew gets extra patties in his order as well. The second option is a bowl, which is what i had:

Again, you order this exactly the same way but ask for a bowl. It’s kind of nice because they give you all the condiments on the side so you can mix them together and it turns into a delightful lil burger salad!
So there you go, you’re first fast food hack for low carb eating. 
Thanks Five Guys!

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