Guardians of the Galaxy, and Beyond!!

***Its been over a week but just in case you haven’t made it to see GOTG be warned… SPOILERS!!!***** the non- Avenger Avengers!!   In the world of comic books there are the big guns like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America ect. ect. Then there are the little guys like Red- Sonja, Hell Boy and Jonah Hex. Until recently Guardians of the Galaxy fell into the lesser known. I jumped on this series in 2008 when the I saw a raccoon with a gun on the cover. I was so excited, I love animals in sci-fi! I was more than pleasantly surprised to open the cover and find snarky dialogue and a new spin on  the Marvel Universe. When they announced the movie I lost my mind! When they released the cast I lost my mind again and on Thursday at 9:30 PST when the credits finished rolling… I lost it completely!! This movie has it all, action, drama, attempted love stories, and its ALL IN SPACE!! Lets begin with the casting.

Now there was some speculation of how well Bradley Cooper would fit the role of  Rocket Raccoon but he CRUSHED IT! Adding a bit of his Philly, East Coast accent gave Rocket the perfect gritty edge he needed to be the kick ass character he is in the books.

For Groot, well there isn’t much to much to say about Vin Diesel’s voice acting as it was just one line repeated with different inflection. However the animation was great!

Drax the Destroyer was portrayed by Dave Batista and brought it hard. He was the perfect mix of naivety and skull crusher often mis understanding the wit and “metaphors” of others. Zoe Saldana was a great Gamora brining her kick ass female action assassin self to the roll.

Last but hot I mean not least is Chris Pratt’s portrayal of the smart ass humanoid Peter Jason Quill aka Star Lord. Now, I have made it pretty clear since the inception of this blog that I am a fan of Mr. Pratt, I’ve loved his roles in various movies and Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite shows. So, yes, I’m biased but I am so excited for him finally getting recognition. He brought a perfect mix if unknown bad assery that, along with this usual comic timing made for what many agree is a masterful performance that embodies the character perfectly!

As far as the villains of the film I was slightly disappointed by how they used Lee Pace and Ronan, in the books Ronan is a sociopathic headhunter who vows to avenge the race of the Kree. I felt like the script fell a bit short on getting that point across. Karen Gillian’s Nebula (the adopted daughter of Thanos who was leant out to Ronan to capture the infinity stones, she is also Gamora’s sister) was fantastic! Her makeup was flawless the eternal hatred of Gamora was ever present. However my favorite this about Nebula was here fighting style; it is very reminiscent of

Overall the action and fighting was great, full of witty one liners, promises of revenge and termination. I really
enjoyed the shoot-em up cowboy methods of combat but, it was Drax, Nebula and Gamora’s style of fighting that made the film for me which was good because the film was a whole new stories.

I am typically a purist of sorts and do not like major changes to the original comic storyline. However in this case James Gunn had the perfect editing eye and made the right choices to make the story his own. I loved how Peter found out he was half Spartoi. When Groot was destroyed and Rocket mourned him I don’t think there was an unquivering lip in the theatre. While the origins of the characters and how they got together were slightly changed this movie worked perfectly.

Not to mention the dancing baby Groot was ADORABLE!! 

I personally believe that the comedic wit and timing, the SY-FY action and the drama this movie is a perfect way to send out Marvel Phase 2.


What do you think? Will there be an Avengers. GOTG crossover? Will they team up to take down Thanos? Let me know in the comments below!




Love, rockets and Corgi Cuddles




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