Why you should attend a Comic Con!

I know what some of you are thinking, Molly, NO! That’s too far, I can push my nerdiness to that limit. While others are like gurl, please I’ve been cosplaying and attending cons since birth! If you are the latter than, good for you! It took me 28 years to accept it and let my nerd flag fly.
I didn’t jump in lightly either, my first con was the 2013 DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia!

Based in roughly 4 hotels in the center of downtown Atlanta I had no idea what I was getting into. Friends attempted to give me prepatory information but in the end they would always say, “… you just need to to.” So I did!

When I bought my ticket I immediately decided to go all in and cosplay as well. So I schemed and plotted with some friends and I ultimately put my overdone idea of the TARDIS to the side. I decided I would be Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time one day and the group of us would be the Hipster Avengers on another. We’ll talk more about that in another post.
When I got to Dragon Con, I won’t lie it was overwhelming, but in an amazing way! Here were some of my initial observations:

1. HOLY SHIT, there are a ton of people! And there were, all of the host hotels and the surrounding streets are packed with people both in custome and not heading to and from panels and exhibit halls and lord knows where.

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2. Where am I suppose to be?!?! There were so many amazing panels and events it was incredibly difficult to choose. Each hotel had multiple panels at any given time and some those panels fill up quick!! I remember the line for the Torchwood panel.. once we turned around another corner of the block after weaving through the hotel… I called it quits. However, I ended up front and center for a panel about Grimm. My recommendation for panels is, unless you like to stand in long hot lines, try to pick newer and “less popular” shows. There is a chance you can sneak in to the end of the line but question lines will have already formed and you’ll be in the very back.

3. The pictures are incredibly cool but way over priced. As a group we went to see the cast of Torchwood. It was great to get a chance to meet people you are fans of. The only down side is that

they rush you through. You barely get a second to say “OMG” before the picture is snapped and your ushered out. If you want to actually interact with the folks your fans with I highly recommend the autograph room! I got a chance to meet Kathy Najimy who I have loved since Sister Act, and Silas Weir Mitchell from Grimm. I also had the distinct pleasure of watching my dear friend lose her mind and giggle over meeting Burn Gorman as Eve Myles walked back to her chair. Overall celebrity sighting are in no way in short supply, most of the guests are great about stopping for a quick picture if you spot them in their natural habitat.

4. Hydrate!! It’s hot as heck down there in late August. You’re going to be running around through crowds and on the streets in crowds, weather it is booze or water or even a Coke, just keep drinking!

5. Have a great time!! Don’t be afraid to do what you want. If it isn’t what your friends want to do its ok, you won’t get murdered by other con goers for being on your own. You’ll probably end up seeing something awesome that you’re pals will wish they saw.

I understand that I have minimal experience with conventions, I’m in no way an expert but from a beginners point of view they are awesome! I have three cons on the books for 2014, sadly dragon con is not one of them (I am paying for a wedding after all). Each one will present its own amazingness I’m sure. The best part for me was being with people who are interested in the same things as me and more importantly they weren’t afraid to be themselves! I’ll have more con updates and I’ll be tracking my progress of building my next cosplay.

If you’d like to hear about cosplay and the con from other attendees check out the very first episode of Rhymes with Nerdy! Go ahead click it
Until then my Nerds, GO BUY A CON TICKET!

love, rockets and corgi cuddles

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