I’m Not Ashamed it Was a Matter of Life and Death…. Bug Underwear

Have you ever done something to someone you love that you’re ashamed of? Something that you know if you told them their reaction may be less than predictable. I have, and today I have decided to take the jump and start sharing those stories with you. We’ll start with one that’s been a reoccurring issue in our house…
Bugs, I’m not talking a Starship Troopers style infestation but every now and then I find a creepy crawly scooting down the hallway. My dogs are useless, they lay on the floor and stare at it, Watson even tries to play with it, sherlock just stands, stares and then lets out a massive bark, here they are defending me from a fly:


So, as you can see I needed to find a solution. My fiance is what some may call “hamper deficient,” He lacks the genes required to put his clothes in a hamper or container of any sort. That being said, there have been numerous occurrences when I have been left to fend for myself in the war on bugs. If you put the two together and look at the title you can probably see where this is going. 

I use my fiance’s underwear to kill bugs!! I thought it was harmless, I thought, “they are dirty, he’ll never know.”
Then, it happened, I squished one of those nasty bastards threatening my existence and three minutes later… he put on the underwear. I had used a clean pair he had set out to wear to work!!
I had no words, I pointed and laughed (something you should never do to a partially naked man) and when he asked… I said nothing!
I let a grown man wear bug gut covered underwear to work and I never said a word. I AM that person, but I’m not ashamed. Better to live a long healthy life with bug guts on your junk than to have a dead fiance eaten by bugs. Someday he’ll find out, and by someday I mean right now as he reads over my shoulder. We’ll work through it. 
Thank you for listening/ reading đŸ˜‰

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